Santee Alley (Da kinda Aloha Stadium of Downtown LA)

This place is crack for girls! I notice the same people following each other like a group of bird flying from tree to tree and Zig zagging their way from store to store trying to find the best deals of same stuff found at your local mall but for loads cheaper.
There are stores that could be at any mall and some look as if a homeless person found a box of clothes and made a display with a sharpie.  You can find anything from knock off cheap bags to Ed Hardy tees, to the oh so irritating bubble gun that all the kids want (yes I hate you kids shooting me with the bubble gun).
As you walk down the alley you feel as if your at a high end Aloha Stadium, and like the stadium you see every form of life, from the pasty white Japanese tourist, to LA gang banger with a LA Dodger logo tattooed on his fore head, to the Korean shop owner that speaks surprisingly good Spanish, to the super hot Latino chick with almost hooker like quality, yes you find it all. So go and make your own swap meet adventure.