Agu Ramen Bistro

One of many ramen shops that have popped up in Hawaii, winning one of the best ramen spots in Honolulu. Today I didn't come for the ramen I came here to because I had a craving for some food karaage and gyoza. The karaage has Just the right amount of crust and crispyness that reminds me of Japan,  if you have tried both you should.  







Torafuku Japanese restaurant west la

In west la it's hard to find Japanese food that is up to par with japan, in places like torrance it's easy.
I always feel it's a good sign when i walk into a Japanese restaurant and 80% of everyone in there is speaking japanese.
Torafuku has the quality and attention to detail that you would expect from a Japanese restaurant.
After the first meal I know I will be a regular here, with super moist tonkatsu, perfectly cooked shrimp tempurat, and some awesome rice you can't go wrong.