Mori Sushi West Los Angeles, CA

I heard about the stories of a sushi restaurant in west la that farms its own rice, has some of the freshest fish, and great sushi chefs, so I came.
I ordered the sushi omakase (chefs choice)
1st dish hand made tofu with fresh wasabi.
2nd course Kumamoto oysters and ankimo (monk fish liver)
3rd course dobinmushi a soup with matsutake mushrooms, mitsuba, shrimp, fish and a mix of veg.
4th sushi, small but awesome
5th more sushi but this time sanma, otoro, Saba, chutoro, I so wish this plate was 3x bigger.
6th sushi Albacore, Ika, Kai, hamachi and tai
7th Japanese uni, santa barbra uni, and ikura
8th course was seared toro, some kind of awesome unagi, kampio maki
9th and last home made goma ice cream!
I know I didn't list all the sushi due the once again lots of sake and hitachino, like always drunk writing!