50,000 Club Carlson Hotel points for 1 night stay at Radisson Hotel

Register for Club Carlson's Big Night Giveaway then stay at one Radisson Hotel and receive 50,000 club Carlson points

-Registration begins 5/15 12:01am CDT(7:01pm 5/14/12 Hawaiian)

-First 100,000 entries will receive 50k points after completing one night stay at Radisson Hotel

-Hotel stay must be from 5/15 to 7/15/12

-If you do not have a Club Carlson(Radisson Hotel frequent user program) sign up for one here for a free 4,500 points (dead see comments for better offer)

-50,000 Club Carlson points will get you 1 night in the highest category hotel or 5 nights at the lowest category hotel (see award chart)

-In Addition you can register for these other Club Carlson promotions, which also go live on 5/15 12:01am CDT and receive 44,000 Club Carlson points for one night stay

-When booking your Radisson paid stay be sure to sign up for a Topcashback.com account and get 10% cashback on your Radisson stay purchase

-Note that there aren't any Radisson or Country Inn Hotels in the state of Hawaii

-Club Carlson/Radisson Locations worldwide

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