American Express up to 50k points for 15 transactions per month.

American Express is having a excellent promotion of 10,000 Membership reward points(up to 50k in total)  per month when having 15 transactions per month for five months with their Premier Rewards Gold Charge card.

-If you currently have a Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card then call Membership rewards(MR) at 1800-297-3276. Log into your account and say "representative".  As soon as you get ahold of a MR rep tell them your friend told you about a excellent promo and you would like to be added on.  Give them promo "6664"

-If you don't have the card yet then email me at 808deal@ Gmail . com (notice the spaces).  And I'll send you a email to sign up.  After you get the card and while activating ask to speak to Membership Rewards and repeat the step above.


-This promotion is happening now til November 2011

-10k membership rewards can be transferred to most airline/hotel miles programs or can be used to redemm for gift certificates(home depot etc) at a ratio of roughly 10k points=$100 gift certificate

-15 transactions can be as little as $0.01 and might be best done at gas stations.

-American Express Premier Rewards Gold card is fee free for the first year and will provide you with 10k points just for signing up.  You'll earn 3pts/1$ on airfare, 2pts/1$ on gas/Groceries and 1pt/1$ on everything else.