Earn additional Air miles, Hotel points and gift cards when using any debit/credit card at select restaurants

Earn Air miles, Hotel points and additional cashback gift cards when using any debit/credit card at select restaurants thru the Rewards Network program.

Some of the current restaurants participating in Honolulu as of 7/22/11:

Teddys Bigger Burgers, Phuket Thai, Apartment3, Spada, Snappers, Sarentos, Soul, Fat Greek, Honolulu Burger Co, Redlion, V-lounge, Tikis, Kakaako Kitchen, Big City Diner, Tropics Bar, Indigio, Downbeat Diner, Bikini Cantina, Cattle Company.

How it works:

-Sign up for whatever program you wish to load up miles/cashback with.

-Link a credit/debit card to the program.

-Search your locations participating in the program

-You'll earn 3-8 miles(depending on program) per dollar spent with that card.

-The more visits you make the higher your membership tier is. Higher membership tiers earn higher miles/1$ (example: First 1-12 visits will get you 5 points/$1. 13th visit and so on will get you 8 points/$1) 



-Be sure to sign up for your selected frequent flier/Hotel frequent visitor program before signing up rewards network.

-You can use only one credit card per program(cannot use the same card in more then 1 program)

-You can link up to 5 credit cards per program

-Most programs have bonuses for new members(example: spend 30$ in 1st month for 1000 additional miles/points)

-You can sign up for all the programs if you have enough credit cards(best to link 1 credit card per program)

-To increase your membership tier just go to selected restaurants and make multiple seperate purchases with your card. Each credit card transaction is considered a visit.

-Each program has essentially the same restaurants participating

-The rewards network is credit card related and won't interfere with any restaurant specific discounts, happy hour specials or coupons.

American Airlines-3 points/$1 & 5 points /$1

Alaska Airlines-3 points/$1 & 5 points /$1

Delta Airlines- 3 points/$1 & 5 points /$1

Southwest Airlines

United Airlines-3 points/$1 & 5 points /$1

US Airways-3 points/$1 & 5 points /$1

Hilton HHonors- 5 points/$1 & 8 points /$1

Priority Club-5 points/$1 & 8 points /$1

Best Buy Reward Zone -2 points/$1 & 3 points /$1

Upromise (College Saving program)

American Express Card(cashback program)- 5%/10%/15% cashback gift card