Current Free Blockbuster Express rental codes

A list of current free Blockbuster express rental codes. Be sure to reserve your free rental online.

In Hawaii, you can rent from Safeway stores.


1. You can only use one code at check out time

2. If you want to rent more then one just check out multiple times

3. These codes will only be free for non hot list movies

4. You can only rent 5 movies per credit card. Use different cards if you want more.

Expires on 7/22/11

38JDAB3, 72HLG2, 62MDEB7, 23ZGDB8, 86EHJR3, 29KBDJ5, 44NCRP7, 35SVEM6, 33MMMT9

Expires on 7/25/11

36KBDJ6, 35NCRP8, 39SVEM4, 64MMMT3, 29JDAB7, 36BCRD5, 63TGAF5, 99RBPW5