Blockbuster Express 5 rentals for 2$ groupon

Blockbuster Express 5 rentals for 2$ groupon.

Once you log in go to Las Vegas, NV.

Valid at any Hawaii Safeway.

Can buy only 1 yourself but you can send "as a gift" to anyone.

All codes expire 5/1/2013

Once purchased codes come on a PDF and can be used by anyone.

This groupon deal is the cheapest way to rent movies.

Follow @blockbusterexp for free rentals every monday. 


Additional miles/cashback

If you have a discover card get an additional 15% cashback. Log into click "shop retailers" select "g" and select groupon. (must eventually pay with discover)

Or if you want air miles. Click on links, enter miles numbers, click on groupon links and get forwarded to groupon website.

Hawaiian. 8 mile/$.

Delta 12 mile/$|2743|1|1|search_box&mids=2821

United 6 miles/$

US Airways 8 miles/$

American 8 miles/$