$10 off next purchase with $50 Gift card purchase @Safeway

Receive $10 off your next purchase at Safeway when you buy $50 worth of gift card purchases(Select from Lowes, Itunes, Nike, Khols and JCpennys).

Offer valid 6/6 to 6/19

You must use your club card to purchase. 

Only 1 10$ gift certificate to be printed per transaction. 

You can buy 1 50$ gift card and get 10$ off coupon. Then buy another $50 gift card + $10 coupon in another transaction.

You can buy $25 and $25 Nike gift card totaling for $50 and receive $10 off coupon.

Works out perfectly if your planning on making a big purchase at Lowes(don't forget 10% off coupon).