Coinstar free $10 gift card(Itunes, Lowes, Borders) when redeeming $40

Coinstar is giving an additional free $10 gift card from various vendors when you redeem $40 worth using the coinstar machine.  

To avoid the fee redemm for gift card.

Promotion Period begins 12/6/2010 and ends 12/31/2010

The $10 free gift card will come in the mail after you put in a coupon code into their website.

Available Gift Certificates:



Borders(Might not be able to redeem for gift card in HI)

Regal (Might not be able to redeem for gift card in HI)

Amazon(starting 12/9)

Basically you can put in two $20 bills into Coinstar machine select to be paid out in Itunes gift card you will then receive a $40 itunes gift card and a promo code for 10$ itunes gift card to be mailed to you.