Tommy Bahams town square las Vegas

When you think of food and places to eat the last place you think about is tommy Bahamas, but you might be wrong the quality and flavored of food and drinks are as good if not better than most on the strip. Tonight I tried their ahi poke that was Ono, different then one you might find in hawaii but still awesome! I also ordered their stuff chicken that was amazing!! Mahalos to Arturo and the crew for the most awesome service!

Island flavor southwest las Vegas

From when you walk in you known you got the real deal with the place packed with 1gen Hawaiians you know this place cannot be back local food. Here you won't find the mexican chefs (no offense to my latino brothas) doing the cook, what you will find is a couple of local boy cooking true local food! Tonight I ordered a Katsu Moco that had real gravy not the package stuff. Just the fact that they have Katsu moco tells you something! Check them out nuff said!

Musha Pasedena CA

The Musha menu here in pasedena is a little different compared to that of Torrence and santa monica. Tonight I sampled some hamachi sashimi, ebi mayo ( not the ebi mayo we are used to in Hawaii), a crab roll with real pieces of crab, and a uni pudding like a chawanmushi. Everything was good, of course with my luck Bruddah brad was my waiter another transplant from hawaii, who gave awesome service!

Cook's Tortas Montery park, CA

I fell in love with these tortas from the first time I had one, my friends Mr. G and Eddy brought me a bombero torta a avacado, steak, with a roasted red pepper sauce, awesomeness! It's the kind of torta you crave! So after having one I had to see where it came from so we drive out to Montery park to check Cook's out. This place is packed and I know why, the food is great! So go take a trip and try it for yourself!

The Foundry Melrose

With Eric Greenspan behind the wheel of this restaurant I had to check it out. One of the first dishes they brought out was a Braised Short Rib Grilled cheese sandwich on raisin bread, yes it sounds kind of weird but it was one of the top grilled cheese’s I have ever had. After about 6 drinks I pretty much forgot the names of the rest of the dishes but two other dishes really stuck in my mind one was the Pork belly, and the other was their duck both are super Awesome! This place had excellent service that you would find in high-end restaurants, but this place is allot more down to earth than it appears.

Mori Sushi West Los Angeles, CA

I heard about the stories of a sushi restaurant in west la that farms its own rice, has some of the freshest fish, and great sushi chefs, so I came.
I ordered the sushi omakase (chefs choice)
1st dish hand made tofu with fresh wasabi.
2nd course Kumamoto oysters and ankimo (monk fish liver)
3rd course dobinmushi a soup with matsutake mushrooms, mitsuba, shrimp, fish and a mix of veg.
4th sushi, small but awesome
5th more sushi but this time sanma, otoro, Saba, chutoro, I so wish this plate was 3x bigger.
6th sushi Albacore, Ika, Kai, hamachi and tai
7th Japanese uni, santa barbra uni, and ikura
8th course was seared toro, some kind of awesome unagi, kampio maki
9th and last home made goma ice cream!
I know I didn't list all the sushi due the once again lots of sake and hitachino, like always drunk writing!

Beer belly Korea town LA

Another craft beer gastro pub popup, beer belly only features local california breweries for their beer selection. Today I tried the Philly which reminds me if the sandwiches I used to make as a kid, some kind of spam like luncheon meat, eggs, all in a grill cheese. We also ordered the buttermilk chicken that surprised me, it was pretty awesome. We had great service and good beers it's worth da trip to ktown.

City tavern Culver city, CA

One of the newest gastro pubs to open up in downtown Culver City with a rustic warehouse vibe it produces a very warm inviting environment with a very cool feature, they have three tables with taps at your table, that's right I said taps! For about .50 cents an oz. you beer lovers never have to leave the table except to use the bathroom. Being a gastro pub I had to try their burger which I highly recommend it has bit of chorizo in it. Awesomeness!

Church & State down town LA

This place is the shitizzt great food great service.
I was with cook lost, Dj Fade and myself and we all ordered the prefix menu that was awesome pork belly, mushroom pasta, and sea bass all which had been cooked to perfection! With love, detail, and care that's hard to find in modern restaurants it this wanna be foodie world.
For about $39 you can receive a starter, salad, entree, and desert! I would say its awesome deal for this slummed economy where all of us are penny pinching.
Even the desert was awesome with the exception of the gasish taste on the crust of the creme bruelee.
Don't believe me try it for yourself