Sushi Stop

Cheap sushi, ok quality but byob!!! Now your talking.. They are a roll place alternative to Genki Sushi. Quality is not high but you can't expect much for the prices.  

Best part is Bring your own Beer!!!!  


Kaki fry  


Different style of Hamachi Kama


Shiro maguro


Hamachi Machi roll



Agu Ramen Bistro

One of many ramen shops that have popped up in Hawaii, winning one of the best ramen spots in Honolulu. Today I didn't come for the ramen I came here to because I had a craving for some food karaage and gyoza. The karaage has Just the right amount of crust and crispyness that reminds me of Japan,  if you have tried both you should.  







Piggy Smalls

Located in the Ward warehouse, Piggy Smalls is one of the hot trendy restaurants popping up in Honolulu. The menu is constantly changing always based around a common theme of Vietnamese fusion cuisine. Today I tried the Pho-strami burger, with a small Pho on the side!   This shit was great!! I highly recommend it if they have it on their menu! 

They also have a sister restaurant downtown "Pig and Lady"  



El Mariachi #2 Aiea

For some reasons Hawaii has a lack of Mexican food. For me this place hits the spot, located right off the Aiea cutoff it's a bit hidden across Aiea Times. I had to fill that Mexican food void that I have been missing since my days of living in California! 

The best part is that they allow you to bring your own beer!!  or tequila!!


Fajita Burrito!  


Herbs & Rye Las Vegas

Sick food great steaks and bad ass grinds for the late night craving. Bistecca is one of my favorites, you got steak, arugula, truffle oil on a bread. Great for the late night drunk that would be me, they do have a whole menu of other great food and mixology type drinks but this is all I can think of right now. Come by and find me here at some random time.

808 Tapas, Las Vegas NV 9350 West Sahara Ave #150 LV, NV

Everyone that knows me understands that I have to look and seek out good Hawaiian or Hawaii like food, so after hearing about 808 Tapas by Dean Okada, (another Pearl City Boy) I had to check it out and what I found was awesome with traditional Hawaii dishes mixed in with a Spanish flare we experienced a great new place. We had rolls, stir fried pork belly, sashimi Lobster, etc..., but one dish that stood out was the Tensai Hamachi shooter, it was killerz I could have just ate that with some sushi rice. The service was awesome some of the best I have had in Vegas!!! Mahalos to Dean and the crew for taking care of us!!!! You gotta check this place out!!

Old School Pizzeria North Las Vegas, NV

I hear about hidden gems in Vegas all the time and this is definitely one of the located in north Las Vegas on Craig rd right across the cannery casino Old School Pizzeria is the one of the top pizza's I have had in Las Vegas. In a land of chain and franchise pizzas places Stands out just watch chef Giovani (also the owner) and you can see the pride he takes in his food, something I feel is lost in today's pizzerias. Try them out for yourself and let me know what you think!

Nakamura Ya Las Vegas, NV

I have a great fascination with Japanese Italian fusion food, mainly because I love both. So after I heard numerous times from my friend on how much she loved Uni pasta, so I searched the Internet and found Nakamura Ya and I wasn't disappointed, I must say it was like love at first sight!!! Tonight we ordered Uni tomato pasta, salmon ikura linguine, kaki fry, and some veggies, awesomeness nuff said!!!

Famous Dave's bar-b-que north las Vegas

Growing in hawaii i always have a spot in my heart for good bbq especially cause a old friend from hawaii recommended this place. Today I'm trying out the ribs with mc and cheese and dirty rice, I ordered the ribs plain cause I wanted to sample all the sauces they offer. This place is solid, slow smoked ribs with 5 good sauces and large portions you can't go wrong, sample them for yourself next time your in north Vegas.

Tacos El Gordos Las Vegas, NV

After living in LA for 8+ years you learn allot about Mexican food, and I started to crave a good Taco here in Las Vegas, so I searched and found my go to late night spot! Tacos El Gordo, located in a little strip mall right on the Strip its open late on weekends so perfect for the after Drinking spot. I recommend the Beef Tounge its the BOMB!!